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Rio Restaurant listings go live on “Rio: The Guide”

6 May

Azul Marinho 1

The Rio restaurant listings have now gone live on Rio: The Guide, the sister site to Brazil: The Guide, both of which are published by Critical Divide. The restaurants can be found in the Eating Out section of the Rio site, and are also listed by area and type.

There are an estimated 10,000 restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, so we have decided to give you a selection of the best and most interesting in the key areas of town.

We also list what the critics and general public consider to be the best in town.

The Rio site also has a full list of the hotels and hostels on offer in Rio de Janeiro as the city prepares to host the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2016.

Rio de Janeiro unveils the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic look

5 Aug


With now less than two years until the start of the Rio Olympics on 5 August 2016, the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has launched and unveiled the new “look” for the Games.

The look will become familiar over the coming years and at the games itself as it will be used to decorate and enhance the sports facilities and the city, in addition to appearing on tickets, uniforms, credentials, licensed products, stores and more.

People that know Rio well will recognise many of the city’s famous landmarks that have been woven into the colourful design.

The new image, the organisers say, was inspired by Brazil, Brazilians and Rio de Janeiro:  “The look is multicoloured and vibrant as the harmonic diversity of our people. The look is organic and engaging like an embrace, inspired by our lush nature and human warmth. It brings fluid and energetic features, like our art, our identity.”

The games has also unveiled the logos to be used by the cities hosting the Olympic football tournament. As well as Rio they include the World Cup host cities and stadiums of Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Salvador and São Paulo.




Rio Olympic and Paralympic pictograms for 2016

9 Nov

The organisers of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro have released the sporting pictograms that will be used during the games.

They are:

Olympic Pictograms 2016Paralympic Pictograms 2016

“Brazil the Guide” adds Olympic venue images

13 Apr

Aquatic Centre 05

Brazil the Guide, published by Critical Divide, has added images of some of the proposed 2016 Olympic and Paralympic venues.

The page will be continuously updated with the latest images.

You can see the images by CLICKING HERE

Critical Divide also publishes World Cup the Guide

Rio Olympic Pavilion

10 Dec


The design of Rio’s Olympic and Paralympic Pavilion has been unveiled. The new building will be constructed alongside the headquarters of the Rio Olympic Organising Committee and the Mayor’s office in Cidade Novo, close to Rio city centre.

The new pavilion will give visitors an overview on how the city is being developed to host the games, and will also display the Olympic and Paralympic flags that were presented to the Mayor of Rio in London.



Las Iguanas and RC&VB launch Rio Botequims for London Olympics

23 Jul

Las Iguanas, already established as the UK’s leading collection of Latin American restaurants and bars, is bringing an extra touch of the tastes and spirit of Rio de Janeiro to Britain to brighten up the summer of 2102.

As of 27 July, and in time for the London Olympics, Rio Botequims have been popping up all over the UK in Las Iguanas restaurants in partnership with the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, Riotur, TAM Airlines and others.

The choice of Las Iguanas to feature Rio de Janeiro – the world’s most glamorous and exciting tropical city – is no accident as it is Rio that in 2016 will be the next city to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games after London.

And before 2016, Brazil and Rio will also be hosting the Confederations Cup in 2013, along with the Judo World Championship and the Canoe Sprint World Championships. Then in June and July 2014, the eyes of world will be on Brazil and Rio for the 20th FIFA World Cup.

So there has never been a better time in Britain to get in step, find the Carioca rhythm, and learn a little bit more about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, and the tastes and spirit that help the city and country tick.

So how do you describe what a botequim (“bo-teh-king”) is to the British?

It is far too simple to suggest that a botequim is the Brazilian equivalent of the British pub, but it is a legitimate heir to the old taverns, serving food in healthy portions at accessible prices. Botequims are part of the cultural identity of Rio de Janeiro, and developed from the Spanish bodega and Portuguese botica to emerge as the Brazilian boteco – or botequim – in the second half of the 19th century.

A botequim is essentially a place to eat, drink and be merry. A place for friendly and lively conversation, good company, tasty and interesting food, and drinks that range from coffee to caipirinhas, via a cerveja gelada, or an ice-cold Brahma beer. A botequim is also a state of mind.

In the spirit of the Rio botequims, Las Iguanas is inviting its customers across the UK to come and enjoy the tastes and spirit of Rio this summer, and discover how to be a Carioca, as the residents of Rio are known.

As well as offering customers in all its restaurants the opportunity to try a special menu – Rio Botequim Seleção – Las Iguanas, the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau, and their partners are also staging a number of culinary, cultural and sporting activities over the period of the Olympics, especially in London at the Royal Festival Hall, O2, Spitalfields, and Stratford Westfields restaurants.

Wednesday, 1 August, will see a gathering of the UK travel trade and media for lunch at the “Rio Botequim” in the Las Iguanas Royal Festival Hall, while the same venue will also host a reception for the UK film industry on Thursday, 2 August.

There is also the opportunity in all the Las Iguanas restaurants for customers to win trips to Rio de Janeiro to discover the city, and enjoy its warmth, hospitality and beauty, as well as the city’s many botequims, restaurants, clubs and bars, and the beach.

And just as the success of the Brazilian football team has always been built on teamwork, so will the success of the Rio Botequim programme. Joining the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau and Las Iguanas are Riotur, the Secretary of Sport for Rio, Rio Film Commission, Sport TV and TAM Airlines, among others. Together the partners are all looking and planning to help make it a “Carioca” summer for Britain to remember.

For more details of what is happening at the Rio Botequims and in Las Iguanas over the Olympic period, visit the Las Iguanas web site,; follow on Twitter (@las_Iguanas or @RioDiary) or Facebook (

“Brazil the Guide” launched by Critical Divide

25 Apr

Critical Divide has launched Brazil the Guide, a website that does exactly what it says on the tin.

The site is written and edited by Christopher Pickard and the Critical Divide team responsible for Insider’s Guides and RioLife. It can be viewed at

Brazil the Guide can trace its origins back to The Insider’s Guide to Rio de Janeiro, the now legendary guide book that was first launched in Rio in January 1984. In one form or another, it was the largest selling guide book to Rio de Janeiro in the English language for over a decade. The only such guide to be written, edited and published in the English language from Rio de Janeiro itself. In pre-internet days, the guide was supported by a monthly magazine, Rio Life.

The site promises to help its users to quickly and easily discover where they need to travel to in Brazil (and how), and what they need to see and do once they are in the country. No fuss, no puff, just what the visitor actually needs to know to plan a visit to Brazil, be it on business or leisure.

In the run up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, both of which will  take place in Brazil, Critical Divide will be expanding Brazil the Guide as well as launching a Rio the Guide site (