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Critical Divide publishes “The Guides”, a series of mainly web based insiders’ guides to places and events at The guides are developed and written based on the expertise, experience and knowledge of the Critical Divide team, its partners and global associates.

The first titles in “the guide” series covered Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and the FIFA World Cup; Cannes, and its film festival; Berlin, and its film festival; and the Academy Awards.

Where there is demand a Kindle version of the guide is also published and sold globally through Amazon.

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Brazil the guide

WC Cover

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Brazil Cover



For a full and more detailed guide to Brazil visit our sister site

Or for a full and more detailed guide to Rio de Janeiro visit our sister site

If you would like to own a Kindle text only version of  the 2014 version of Brazil:The Guide to use when you are off-line you can buy one at Amazon in the UK for just £2.88 or read if for free if part of KindleUnlimited. For links to other Amazon stores around the world CLICK HERE



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